RPB, which now has a not-so-secret pizzeria attached to it, gets the style of Prohib-era cocktails as close as you’re gonna get them, thanks to fresh juicing, rare tinctures, bitters and flavor agents, and hard-to-find liquors including a Pappy that’s hundreds for an ounce. The bartenders are always as well-dressed as are their bevvies and the venue itself, with its hand-painted backlit ceiling, honey onyx bar, and restored brick floors. They’ve also got a “mob-style” kitchen which you can rent for private poker and pool games, with tables already set up.

How to get in: Find somebody who knows the phone number, or try hitting Amalfi first and tipping your bartender.

Originally posted at: https://www.thrillist.com/drink/atlanta/secret-bars-and-speakeasies-in-atlanta